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Running a Toddler Sense Franchise

What makes Toddler Sense classes so special?



Toddler Sense has been
developed as a follow on programme
to the highly successful
Baby Sensory programme. You will
also benefit from the
loyalty to the Baby Sensory
brand that parents develop during
the vital first year.


The award-winning toddler
development classes will introduce
children to a galaxy of magical
worlds. Each week has a
unique theme, meticulously constructed
to stimulate your child’s brain,
co-ordination and physical



The Toddler Sense programme provides adventure play activities for parents and their toddlers from 13 months to 5 years. Each franchisee is provided with a territory, an equipment catalogue, training, manuals and lesson plans to enable them to run sessions at suitable locations within their territory.


Each franchisee is allocated a dedicated territory within which they can develop their business. The territories are designed to sustain a viable Toddler Sense franchise and are defined by postcodes.

⭐ Equipment

You are provided with a catalogue of items that you will require to run your Toddler Sense programme. You are required to purchase all mandatory items listed in our catalogue.

⭐ Locations

Franchisees are free to select suitable venues within their territory, at which to operate their sessions. Your local regional franchisee will provide advice and guidance on the selection of premises.

⭐ Sessions

Play plans with adjustments are provided for the full age range. Typically we expect each franchisee to run a minimum of 1 session for each age group at each venue.

⭐ Income

The weekly charge for sessions is the main source of income. There are also opportunities to supplement this income through running parties. More detailed income and cost information can be provided by your regional franchisee upon request

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