Toddler Sense Leicester East


Woohoo! It is time for Toddler Sense with Toddler Sense Leicester East!

This is the place where structured play goes hand in hand with imagination, the freedom to explore and adventure! Each week has a unique theme, creating a whole new world of magical delights. Imagine zooming through space, partying like pirates or scuba diving in a magical sea. This programme is founded on decades of scientific research and it's structure will help to prepare your child for school (even if this does seem like a little way off!). At our Toddler Classes in Leicester, Leicestershire we offer ideas for home play, creative ideas, bonding activities, visual stimulation, brain games all with music and dance and so much more! We offer everything a toddler could want plus social interaction for parents and carers too, with our regular weekly classes.

It is currently our Summer holiday's and we have a short break! We hope to be back with you at classes very soon! You can add yourself to our waiting list if you'd like to join us or have further information on our next set of classes. We hope to return to our venues as soon as it is safe for us all to do so!


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