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Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Age and stage appropriate toys will stimulate your toddler’s senses, offer a wealth of learning opportunities, and lead development forwards. Each of the items below can be found in our shop.

Through play, toddlers learn language, social skills, personal awareness, creativity, problem solving, and control of their body movements. If toddlers are given interesting toys and materials to play with and opportunities for movement and exercise, they will learn easily and quickly.



Building with blocks and interlinking plastic shapes develops awareness of size, form, weight, dimension, and order and lays the foundation for mathematics. Toddlers also enjoy demolishing their constructions, which relieves stress and tension, and teaches them something about cause and effect at the same time.

Hide and seek is one of the best activities for toddlers because it covers all the developmental areas. It is also simple to organise and lots of fun.

The simplest game involves hiding behind the sofa or under the table. Toddlers may feel frightened if they are unable to find the adult, but making noises and movements helps to reduce anxiety. A puppet show is lots of fun too and it enhances the concept of object permanence or awareness that things continue to exist even when they disappear.

Painting can be a relaxing and soothing experience for toddlers, and a means of self expression. Simply holding a paint brush develops control over hands and upper arms. Toddlers will discover how colours are mixed to make new ones, which can lead learning forwards in a positive way.

Toddlers enjoy books with large, brightly coloured illustrations, textured materials, and hide and-seek pictures, which invite speech and interaction. The properties of a texture can be investigated with their fingertips and the pages can be turned to discover something new. Books encourage toddlers to recognise simple objects and animals. They may be able to repeat the sounds that the animals make or act out the actions.

Snuggling up close and talking about the pictures is a wonderful way to introduce new words and sounds. For relatives or friends who find it difficult to know what to say to your baby, reading a story makes talking much easier.

Still not sure what to get for your Baby or Toddler? Take a look at our ultimate bundles below.

Baby's Ultimate bundle

This bundle includes a variety of carefully selected items to help stimulate your baby’s senses and move their development forward. From musical instruments, textured materials, soft toys, books and more this is the perfect bundle to keep you and your baby entertained.

The items selected will meet a variety of different developmental benefits for your baby. For instance, building on movement, balance, body awareness and postural skills, enhancing hand-eye coordination, listening skills, and cause and effect, promoting visual tracking, focusing skills and eye-teaming, exploring imaginative play, social skills and the element of surprise through games such as ‘peek-a-boo’, which in turn reinforces the concept of object permanence, and developing whole body and brain development in its entirety.

Toddler’s Ultimate Bundle

The play resources in this bundle have been expertly selected to enhance your child’s overall learning and development and include colourful chiffons and ribbons, musical instruments, music, soft toys, flash cards and more. Everything you need to keep you and your child thoroughly entertained.

The items will nurture and build on all areas of learning and development from imagination to creative thinking, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, music-making, rhythmic movement, sensory perception, spatial awareness, looking and listening, eye teaming, focusing, tracking and catching. Best of all, they will reduce stress and frustration, release excess energy, and help your toddler sleep better at night.

These bundles are a great way to invite purposeful interactions between you and your child and create lasting memories.

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