Toddler Sense Dartford & Gravesend


Sami Stefanos

Hello and ‘How Do You Do?’ My name is Sami and I am the new owner of Toddler Sense Dartford and Gravesend. I have 10 years experience of entertainment in London Tourist Attractions and am very much looking forward to entertaining you all. Toddler Sense has long been a favourite with me for entertaining my own children and when the opportunity came along to join WOW World I knew it was the place for me! I've been busy behind the scenes preparing to take over classes and am currently finishing my training so that I can bring you all our amazing Toddler Sense classes in Gravesend in from mid July, I can’t wait to meet all your lovely toddlers. And we are also looking at several new venues PLUS a brand new WOW Centre so do watch this space! I do have 2 of own toddlers at home Joshua (4 years) and Jasmine (21 months), so shall be on the toddler journey with you all, I have always loved the toddler stage, they are so funny and unpredictable which is part of their charm. I am so excited to meet all your little ones and watch them all grow and develop with you. We are going to have so much fun! I can’t wait to say How Do You Do together very soon!