Toddler Sense Redbridge



Natalie became the franchisee at Toddler Sense Redbridge way back in 2012 and has enjoyed every minute of it! She runs the classes in Wanstead, Buckhurst Hill and South Woodford and is the person dealing with all your enquiries too. I took on Toddler Sense when my eldest was 18 months old. Ive always worked with children and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! Toddler Sense has been great fun for me, helping children develop and seeing their endless enthusiasm makes it the best job ever. I know spread my time between Toddler Sense Redbridge and Toddler Sense Greenwich seeing toddlers from both sides of the river!


Alison is the newest member of the Toddler Sense Redbridge team. She will be assisting Natalie in South Woodford whilst training to be come a class leader herself. Alison has attended classes for many years with her two boys and is a fantastic member of the team. Alison says " I Love to see the children's faces enjoying themselves each session and seeing how they grow and develop term after term.