Toddler Sense Barnet

07837935820 barnet@toddlersense.co.uk


Saturday Tod's are available on the following dates: 

  • 29th June (Musical Fun Time)
  • 20th July (Summer Fete)
  • 27th July (Olympics' special) 
  • 17th August (Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows)
  • 24th August (Summer Special) 
  • 31st August (Happy Holiday)
  • 14th September (Celebrations)
  • 28th September (Trains) 
  • 12th October (Friends)
  • 26th October (Spooky Wooky Party)
  • 9th November (Diwali Celebrations)
  • 23rd November (Magic Show) 
  • 7th December (Christmas Post)
  • 14th December (Christmas Fun)