Toddler Sense Basingstoke


Michelle Grzbiela

I have been running Toddler Sense Basingstoke for over 14 years. I can whole heartedly say that would not want to be doing anythings elseI love that we get to take all our Toddler on a weekly adventure. With our ever-changing themes there is aways something new to enjoy ! I am also the Head Trainer for the Toddler Sense programme as well. This means i get to spread the joy of Toddler Sense worldwide!! I currently run all the Basingstoke sessions . I really hope you enjoy attending them as much as I do running them.

Claire Fernandez

Hi I'm Claire and I have been working with the WOW World Group since 2010. I began by running our follow-on program Toddler Sense and then on to leading Baby Sensory classes. I love my "job" (it's really hard to call it a job, it's so much more!) and enjoy meeting many families and sharing so many special moments with them all, from first smiles, giggles, signs, steps to that all important potty training and beyond! I run Toddler Sense classes on Friday in Beech. I look forward to meeting you soon!