Toddler Sense Doncaster


Toddler Sense is perfect for both, children who have graduated from Baby Sensory or who are new to the world of Wow!

Each week we have different multi-sensory activities that develop your child's physical, social, communication and intellectual skills.

Our active sessions are jam-packed full of wonderful fun and interactive activities such as, action songs, games, puppets, instruments and so much more!  What really sets us apart from any other toddler class is our Adventure Play Area.

We start our class in the Adventure Play Area. It's not only a great place to play but the equipment encourages a wide range of skills, from social (making new friends), physical (climbing, rolling, bouncing), emotional (having so much fun!), creative (building a space rocket), intellectual (working out how to get over the obstacles) and loads more!  We all know how important physical activity is in helping your child to sleep!

Once your child has finished exploring the Adventure Play Area, we start our structured themed adventure activities with Tod!  Each activity has been researched, tried and tested with you and your toddler's needs in mind.  Every class is designed to help develop vital physical, social, communication and intellectual skills that will form the basis of their future learning.