Toddler Sense East Lothian


What is Toddler Sense all about?
We are an award-winning, multi-sensory programme for children aged from 13 months to 4 years. Each week our mascot Tod takes us on amazing adventures and no lesson is same with our 2 year cycle of exciting lesson plans so it is just bursting with variety! Toddler Senses is the follow on programme from the incredible Baby Sensory which is already very well established in East Lothian with the fabulous Lauren.


Classes run for 1 hour and are mixed with freeplay and structed play. We start every lesson in our amazing adventure play area - no week is the same at Toddler Sense - we can can be cowboys riding our horses to zooming to the moon in our rocket ship with Tod or put out fires as little fire fighters, after the adventure play the lesson is followed by 30 minutes of structured activities, each week surrounding a different theme!


How can Toddler Sense benefit your toddler?
Our structure encourages a number of skills to develop over time, from the familiarity of our tidy up time and welcome song which require the same actions to be repeated weekly, to the need to listen and follow instructions. 
As children often learn through imitation, they benefit hugely from the group setting; observing and imitating their peers to build upon their existing skills and learn new ones!
Over the course of a term you will be able to notice huge improvements in confidence, attention span, listening, mobility, social interaction, sharing and participation. It's very rewarding to see such positive changes unfold!


My toddler is not walking yet, can they come to Toddler Sense? 

Of course they can! We have specifically developed plans for non-walkers and toddlers who are still unsteady on their feet.

Where are we located?
Classes run at the Fisherrow Centre in Musselburgh on Tuesday and Wednesdays
How do I book?
To view the class timetable and BOOK YOUR PLACE please follow the link below...


You can also join us mid-term (subject to availability) please email Nikki to find out if there is any spaces in our current term

Are FREE TASTERS available?
Free taster sessions are available to those new to Toddler Sense and graduating from our sister class Baby Sensory - this is a great way to get a real feel of what we do before committing to a full term. To book a free taster please contact Nikki via email on 
Are sibling discounts available?
We offer a sibling discount of 50% off for the second child (must be part of the same family to receive this) please contact Nikki for further details.
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