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Toddler Sense North London (Finchley)

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Toddler Sense  ( 13 months to 5 years old )

Toddler Sense Finchley @home - 4 week package (£20 per family) includes:

  • 4 x Toddler Sense 45 minute online sessions: 
    • Our sessions are live, interactive and developmental for our toddlers.  We want to ensure you are kept entertained, provide developmental and energetic activities for you and your little one.  A different adventure each week. Also the chance to talk and meet other parents.
  • A weekly list of props to find around your home, to enhance your session.
  •  ‘Top Tips’ from Dr Lin Day (Founder) on a range of different subjects.
  • ‘How To’ videos on getting creative @home.

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Toddler sense @home classes are nearly ready to go live in North London

(covering Finchley,Muswell Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Southgate, Totteridge & Whetstone).

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Welcome to Toddler Sense North London (Finchley)

Hello, we can't wait to meet you and your toddlers for lots of fun!

We know how important learning through play is. Here at toddler sense, we will give you plenty of ideas so you can continue this play at home. You will make lots of friends with children the same ages and from the local area, so its great for you and your little ones.  

 You and your little one will be endlessly entertained by our 2 years worth of weekly themes, whether it's dancing with Dragons, making a splash as Pirates or searching for Dinosaurs! There is always something fun and exciting for both grown ups and toddlers alike at Toddler Sense.

Toddler Sense is designed for little ones from 13 months to 5 years.

NEW EXPLORER classes are designed for those who have not yet found their feet or are gaining confidence on their feet.  As toddlers grow and become more independent, they have a natural curiosity and appetite to explore.  Toddler Sense gently introduces toddlers to equipment and activities that are suitable for their age and stage of development.

ADVENTURER classes help children learn about themselves and the world around them by introducing early adventures that are an important part of a child's journey of discovery. Toddler Sense offers a whole new world of adventure and challenge and lead learning and development forward, and motivate children to try new skills.

 Where we take you on different adventure each week!

Toddler Sense is a multi-award winning activity programme, which introduces children aged 12 months to 5years, to a whole new world of adventure after Baby Sensory. The activities are designed to keep toddlers and children busy, active, and stimulated by offering them a magical, multi-adventure experience in a safe and happy environment. Toddler are hugely curious and have great imagination. At Toddler Sense we build and expand on this by providing different fun filled activities each and every week!!

Here are some reviews from parents. 

"Thank you Rupal and team for such a wonderful party for our boy's 4th birthday. He had an amazing time and we were so pleased with how the whole party turned out. It was unique, engaging and kept the toddlers active, which is perfect for their age.
There was such a wow factor as parents and kids walked in the room. One parent went so far as to say that we always do the best parties. Thank you very much. We could not be happier."
Mum of 2

"Anna (33 years), Sebby (18 months) and Juliet (3 years 6 months) love Toddler Sense. Such a diverse session that occupies, entertains, stimulates and exercises both my babies on what might normally be a very challenging afternoon at home after nursery! Come and join in the fun- it makes so much (toddler) sense! Contact Toddler Sense now!"

 We look forward to meeting you and your Toddler Soon!

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Toddler Sense Finchley

Book a Toddler Sense party and make your child’s birthday
an extra special celebration!

Toddler Sense birthday parties are perfect for children turning 2, 3 or 4 years old. 
 We can cater for up to 20 participating children (please ensure you account for siblings).
The equipment is suitable for all guests under 5 years of age.

TODDLER SENSE PARTY packages are available and each party packages includes adventure play and an activity session with a selection of props such as ribbons, maracas, pom poms, play parachute, light toys, balloons and bubbles.
Please note that party dates must be secured promptly with a deposit.

email us to book now! 


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