Toddler Sense Glasgow North


Welcome to Toddler Sense Glasgow North 

Where life is an Adventure! 

Children aged 13 months - 5 years

Toddler Sense classes are designed around the adventurous, curious mind of your toddler. The classes offer a chance to explore the adventure play area, as well as taking part in exciting themed activities. You can expect climbing, jumping, dancing, singing, puppet shows, imaginative play and a whole lot more as you and your toddler explore a brand new multi sensory adventure every week.   

Each Toddler Sense class is themed. Whether it's The Circus, Firefighters, The Jungle or The Seaside there will be a new adventure to discover every week. There are so many themes to discover that we can guarantee you and your toddler can attend classes for two whole years and never repeat the same class twice!