Toddler Sense Guildford


Hayley Smith

Franchise owner and class leader, I'm excited to be bringing Toddler Sense back to the area. I fell in love with the Baby Sensory programme when I attended with my daughter Erin during the pandemic and this really highlighted to me the importance of social interaction and development for our children. I am passionate about working to create a safe space for children to learn and develop and for parents to have the opportunity to meet other parents going through similar experiences. Each week is an adventure with a wide range of activities which will support your child’s development. My stepdaughter Ellie has been a super asset when testing out the equipment and practicing the activities, whilst Erin is watching on eager to get started. I look forward to welcoming you to Toddler Sense.


I'm Millie and I am excited to join the Toddler sense Guildford team as a class leader! I fell in love with baby sensory when my eldest was small and that's where I met Hayley and a friendship between our babies and ourselves began. Therefore when Hayley told me she was starting Toddler sense Guildford I was keen to get involved and help other parents and toddlers form close friendships too. I currently attend Toddler sense classes with both my boys and have loved watching them thrive in such a fantastic environment! I have always worked with children and young people with learning disabilities and have a real passion in helping and supporting young ones grow and develop. I cant wait to meet lots of new families on my Toddler sense journey!