Toddler Sense Lancaster

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Louise Lyon

After a decade in the customer service sector and becoming a Mum in 2015 I decided that I wanted more fulfilment from my career and wanted to get a sense of making a difference to my local community. I used to take my little girl to our local baby sensory classes and when she graduated I was so disappointed that there were no Toddler Sense classes already taking place in our vicinity. That's when I decided to completely change my career, take a chance and start to make a difference in the lives of toddlers - those little people that will be running things and looking after us when we are older. So that is how Toddler Sense has been brought to the Lancaster and Morecambe area.

Heather Brown

I fell in love with our sister programme Baby Sensory when I visited a session with my youngest child in 2015 After realising there were no local classes I launched Baby Sensory Lancaster in January 2016, and absolutely love what I do! When Louise made the tough decision to leave the land of Toddler Sense, I absolutely jumped at the chance to take on the classes! I'm a mum to 2, my youngest has been loving his time at Toddler Sense and I can't wait to bring lots of Toddler Sense fun and adventures to lots of new faces over the coming months!