Toddler Sense Oxford North


What is Toddler Sense?

We are an award winning multi-sensory programme, which combines structured activities with adventure play! Each week offers a new theme, so there's always something different to look forward to!


What will I find in the play area?

From bouncy castles and balance bars to huge climbing blocks and ride-on inflatables, our adventure play area is an exciting place for any toddler! Our play equipment encourages a wide range of skills from social interaction to physical and intellectual (how do I get from this bit to that bit...?!)


What happens during the activity time?

We start and end our 30 minutes of activities with the same song each week which provides a comforting familiarity for our toddlers. Our activities range from lively rock 'n' roll dancing with guitars and pom-poms, to story-telling via puppet shows, to calm opportunities to enjoy twinkly lights and projections...there really is something to suit all tastes. Everything we do aims to build your toddler's confidence, mobility, co-ordination, social skills and generally teach them about the world around them!


What is the age range?

Toddlers can join us from 13 months of age and the maximum booking age is currently 4 years 11 months. We have age-specific and mixed age classes available at each venue.

  • New Explorers (13 - 1 year 8 months): Introduce your toddler to equipment and fun activities suitable for his or her age and stage of development.
  • Adventurers (1 year 8 months - 3 years): Take on new challenges, learn new ways of doing things, and develop essential physical and social skills.
  • Rangers (2 years 6 months - 5 years): Build on previous skills learned, engage and participate with others, and become more creative and imaginative. This class is a mixed age range - siblings welcome to join together.