Toddler Sense South Devon

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Rachael Bradshaw

Hi, I’m Rachael and I am the franchise owner alongside Natalie of Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense South Devon. I am the Toddler Sense class leader and run these classes on Monday and Fridays for Toddlers aged 13 months- 5 years! I am a mummy to two lovely boys, both baby sensory graduates! I have lived in Plymouth for all of my life and qualified as a Primary School teacher in 2008 and worked in the same local Primary School for 14 years. I loved attending weekly Baby Sensory classes with both my boys and couldn’t wait to move to Toddler Sense once we graduated. I didn’t want my Baby Sensory days to be over so loved that they had a follow on class! Perfect for Toddlers- time for free play followed by a few exciting structured activities, all to brilliant music! I am friendly, approachable and give a warm welcome to everyone who joins our classes. I love catching up with you and your toddler during adventure play time and love delivering magical, exciting, themed sessions each week! I hope to meet you soon!