Toddler Sense Andover & Winchester

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What happens at a Toddler Sense class?

The moment you walk through the door it's time to play! Our active classes are filled with a wonderful mix of free play and structured activities.

Every week is a different adventure but the class follows the same routine as we know how important it is for your child's development.

Adventure Play Area.

Come along and join us in our fabulous play area. It's not only a great place to play, but the equipment encourages a wide range of skills from social (making new friends) to physical (climbing, rolling, bouncing), emotional (it's so much fun!), creative (building a house), intellectual (working out how to get over obstacles), and heaps more! And we all know how important physical activity is in helping your child to sleep!

Structured activities.

Adventure play is then followed by our structured, themed activities which carry on their learning. Behind every activity is a huge amount of research in to how it is going to benefit your child's development of vital physical, communication, learning, and social skills, all important for their future learning. Our classes will also develop your child's motor skills, hand-eye coordination, imagination, creativity and helping to prepare them for school as they get closer to that stage in their lives.

Frequently asked questions?