Toddler Sense Central & South Leeds


We've done the research; so you can enjoy the fun!

Toddler Sense is a multi-award winning adventure & activity programme for busy little ones aged 13 months - 5 years, designed and developed by Dr Lin Day, one of the UK's leading parenting experts. My classes provide challenging, varied and rich learning opportunities across the prime areas of learning and development. Toddler Sense aims to make learning the adventure of a lifetime and give every child the absolute best start before school.

Every class is bursting with new experiences around sensory stimulation, imaginative play & high energy activities and with 2 years of lesson plans ready to go, you can be sure that you won’t want to miss out on our unique weekly themes. Our adventure play area is filled with bouncy castles, ball pits, soft play and tunnels guaranteed to kick start your toddlers adventure with us and burn off some energy – naptime incoming!

Toddler’s thrive on structure so our classes are built around routine:
• Each class runs for 50 minutes.
• We begin with a free-play session in our ever changing adventure play area – designed to help improve gross motor skills such as jumping, climbing & balancing as well as promoting independence and creativity.
• Next up we give a big warm welcome to everyone with our song, ‘How Do You Do’ - it’s time to tap to the beat & work on our sense of rhythm!
• This is followed by a variety of structured group activities to develop a range of skills such as communication, team work & problem solving which are led by myself (Kirsty) and our mascot Tod.
• Finally, we end our class on a high with our ‘Say Goodbye’ song!