Toddler Sense Exeter


The Toddler Sense programme was created by Baby Sensory founder, Dr Lin Day (PhD Dip. Ed. BSc. PGCE. M. Phil) and has been designed to build on the skills acquired at Baby Sensory.


The primary aim of this programme is to encourage toddlers and children to become more active through practical and exciting play.


Our Toddler Classes include great music, equipment, games and new ideas! Imagine climbing a snow mountain, going on safari, digging for fossils, swimming with dolphins and hunting for dinosaurs?


Every week introduces new activities and a whole new adventure. The main emphasis is on mobility, excitement and adventure. It is a fast-moving, action-packed programme.


Each class includes two parts, the first part is adventure play on our wonderful soft play equipment and the second part is structured activities lead by our trained Class Leader. 


Life is an adventure - come and join the fun!