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Are you looking for a fun, active, friendly class for your toddler?  Then you are in the right place!  Here at Toddler Sense Harrogate, Wetherby & Knaresborough there's a range of classes just waiting to help your toddler burn off some of that seemingly endless energy! 

Each week, both our exploratory play and led activities are carefully designed to be engaging, fast paced, imagination fuelled and just good fun - ensuring your toddler will meet their developmental milestones whilst having a great time bonding with you.  You will be delighted to see your toddler gain new skills and gain confidence in a safe and friendly environment.  

By joining us for a weekly class, you and your toddler will get a real chance to build and develop supportive and long lasting friendships with the other class members - we all know how vital that can be!   

Life with a toddler is so busy, but by finding time each week for our 45 minute class, we'll help you  create meaningful memories and experiences that you can treasure for years to come.  Each week is completely different - no chance of boredom here and your child will love using our high quality equipment.  

Take a look at our timetable below and choose a class to fit your toddler's routine! For more information about prices click here.

"My two year old goes to Toddler Sense and it's amazing! Every week has a new, creative theme and the activities are varied and perfectly suited for toddlers to keep them engaged. It has the perfect blend of structure and free play"  - CJ - Current attendee.

I can not wait to welcome you to our new term! So lets grab our sticks and say "How Do You Do!



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