Toddler Sense Ipswich


Did you know you can attend Toddler Sense classes for two years and never attend the same class twice?! Each week introduces a new theme and a new adventure with Tod - who you will get to see lots in class!! 

Climb abroad a rocket and zooooooom to the stars, put the hatches down on our yellow submarine, explore the Blue Lagoon, tame a firry dragon, dive to the bottom of the Coral Sea, dance the summer salsa, go ape in the African Zoo, or be a firefighter helping others and rescuing Tod from danger.

Whilst our theme differs from week to week, our routine and structure that makes the class always remains the same - so no surprises for little one's who thrive off routine!

Each of our sessions begins with time in our Adventure Play Area, so as soon as your little one has their shoes off, they will be able to just come straight in and immediately start exploring and burning off some energy! 

Not only does our theme change every week here at Toddler Sense, but so too does the set-up within the Adventure Play Area, so different pieces of equipment will be used or set up entirely different to the previous week, to really encourage and develop a wide range of development skills - from practicing those physical skills such as jumping, rolling and balancing, and building those muscles to make them nice and strong, to using their brains to help with decision making - deciding what piece of equipment they want to try next, or working out how they are going to make it through the obstacle course! The possibilities are endless! 

When the time has come to pack away our Adventure Play Area, you will hear our Tidy Up song being played, whilst we move the Adventure Play Equipment to the side, and come together in a circle, to begin the next part of our class. 

After we have said "hello" to everyone by singing our very catchy 'How Do You Do?' song, we then begin our structured activities. 

We bring our classes to an end with our goodbye song. 

Every session is jam packed with high energy, fun filled activities and adventures and is specifically designed to help encourage and develop and wide range of skills from physical (bouncing, jumping, balancing), social (making new friends), language and communication (singing songs and listening to instructions), emotional (it's so much fun!!), creative (building a house), and so much more, which will all form the foundation of future learning!

So what are you waiting for? Your next adventure is just next week!!