Toddler Sense Stafford Stone

07817 143498 stafford@toddlersense.co.uk


Our fees are £8.00 per class payable in advance in half term blocks.

PAYG session £8.50 where available 

Twin and Sibling Discounts are offered on all classes, please select the TWIN /SIBLING option for EACH CHILD when booking your class or call for more information. These are offered at half price for second child.

Sibling babies under 13 months can be brought to class alongside a paying toddler.Please feel free to bring a sling /car seat / blanket to class to help you manage a baby and a toddler.

Waiting Lists

Classes are popular and fill up quickly, consequently there may be waiting lists for them.  If this is the case the on-line booking system will show this as “Join Wait List”, which you can join for your preferred class. 

If places become available during the half-term, I will fill them in chronological order from the waiting list.  Currently, attending toddlers have priority booking ahead of the general public booking dates, as shown on table of term dates. I will email all those on the waiting list to remind them that classes are available for booking on a first come first served basis.  


If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a place, I suggest you re-join the waiting list as this provides the email address for notifying you of next opportunity for class bookings.

Please note that waiting lists do not roll over into the next half-term