Toddler Sense Wakefield


Toddler Sense is the perfect next step from your Baby Sensory journey as it provides carefully planned multi-sensory classes for toddlers aged 13 months - 5 years. 

Each session combines adventure play and structured activities. Adventure play allows the children to burn off some energy on the wide range of soft play equipment, balance beams, bouncy castles, ball pools and encourages them to be creative, imaginative and independent. Each week is setup differently meaning there is always lots to explore and discover!

The structured activities are centered around lots of research and includes dancing, music, role plays, crafts, games, puppet shows and much more! These activities are designed to develop their cognitive, social and emotional skills although they'll be having far too much fun to notice! 

Every week will introduce a new theme and the children will engage in a world full of sensory fun and adventure. They could be going on safari, blasting into space, battling dragons, swimming in a blue lagoon or joining the teddy bears on their picnic. 

Each class is carefully planned in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage to support physical development, communication, social and emotional skills that will form the foundation for all future learning. 

If you think this sounds like the perfect environment for fun and learning then Toddler Sense is the class for you!