Toddler Sense Wakefield


Charlotte Cunningham

Hello! I'm Charlotte and I'm the proud owner and class leader of Toddler Sense Wakefield. I have worked with children in nurseries for 10 years and just love how rewarding it is! After having my little girl and attending Baby Sensory classes with her, I fell in love with the classes and the Wow World Group and thought, ooh, this is something I can see myself doing! When I had finished my maternity leave, a position came up to buy Wakefield Toddler Sense. This was perfect for me and such a new, exciting opportunity I thought I just had to go for! I love working with children and absolutely love watching them blossom. I'm so excited to be able to watch your little ones grow and develop at Toddler Sense and I can’t wait to go on lots of adventures with you all and have lots of fun!